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The Art of the New Millennium

Keeping Memories Alive

Coming Soon -- The Virtual Wedding Album

Personal Creative Services brings the power of digital graphics into your home. We're in the business of creating family heirlooms.

Our digital artists can capture a lifetime in a single digital collage, turn a simple vacation snapshot into a work of art and make a routine photograph into an heirloom.

Dancers-4x3.gif This rendering of Mexican folk dancers has a certain dreamlike quality. The girls seem to be dancing on air. But what we actually have here is a collage of three different photos. The pictures were taken in a poorly lit school gymnasium. There was nothing dreamy about them. Click on the image at left to see the original photos from which it was created. (Final image size 12" x 16")



To the right is a more interpretive 'abstract' rendering of one of the same photographs used to create the collage above. Click on the image to the right to see a larger version of the limited edition art print -- with higher resolution.



These are just a couple of examples to introduce you to the magic of digital enhancement and art. There's a lot more to see in our On Line Galleries.

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Portraits / Collages/ Enhancements / Limited Edition Art

All our gallery pages are graphics intensive so be patient -- they WILL take time to load