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The 21st Century 'Family 'Album'

Digital Collage


Birthdays, anniversaries, vacations or the memories of a lifetime, digital collages turn the photos of your special moments into art and keep them always in front of you. They become memories you can hang on a wall. Unlike family albums -- which you have to take out, dust off and open -- digital collages are just there. All the time. They keep you connected to those special moments, those special people, those special events.

The collage at the top of the page is one of our largest. Printed at 15 x 27, it contains more than 30 photos (including some that were first turned into 'mini-collages' and placed into the finished piece as single pictures.



We do what we call 'free form' collages. Anyone could give you a collage map -- just provide the pictures and mark where you want them. We do much more. We do 'cut outs,' semi-transparent layovers and other special treatments that make our collages something special. Every one is unique. The 15 x 19 collage above contains 15 images, including several 'mini-collages.'


Here's a special example of what digital collage can do.


In the piece above, we took several routine -- actually marginal -- photographs and turned them into a special piece that created an entirely different atmosphere. Click on the dancers collage to see how it was created.


Memorial Collages


'Memorial' collages can capture a lifetime in a single print. This 15 x 19 collage combines 15 images spanning some 50 years. Black & White photos were sepia tinted to blend with color shots. Some images were digitally restored.

Click here for an example


This 12 x 16 'Memorial' collage includes pictures dating to 1909. Several photos had to be digitally restored.


Prices for our collages vary widely, depending on the size, the number of images to be included and the medium on which it is printed. Matting and framing are available at additional charge. We also can provide our finished high-resolution work on ZIP disk or lower resolution versions on floppy disk for use on your web page or as backgrounds for your Windows desktop. For more information


or phone us at 1-219-844-6158

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