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Digital Photo Enhancement

Bringing your pictures to life


Art in the making


What can be done with an image like this ?

Click the picture to see what we did!


You saw what we did with the first picture. Now lets play a game.

Find the picture we found in the picture below.

Click where you think there's a good picture.

If you find the right spot, you'll see the picture. If not, keep trying.


Want to get closer to nature ?

Click on the swans to see how we did it.


Prices for enhancement vary, depending on the complexity, the size of the image to be printed, size and the medium on which it is printed. Matting and framing are available at additional charge. We also can provide our finished high-resolution work on ZIP disk or lower resolution versions on floppy disk for use as backgrounds for your Windows desktop. For more information:


or phone us at 1-219-844-6158

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